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Iran Visa

As a necessary travel document, visa is always a great issue for the travelers and make them a little bit stressful when hearing about being in need of getting a visa to travel somewhere. Although you need to have a visa to visit Iran, you shouldn’t be worried about as the process is so smooth and easy if you get the help of a trustworthy Travel company.

You can get your Iran Visa either in Advanced or upon arrival.


In order to get your visa in advanced, you should be supported by a travel agency which is authorized before the Iranian Ministry of foreign affairs within the whole process. In order to start the visa issuance process, you should send us a copy of your passport, a 3*4 sized photo plus the filled visa application. Now we can start the process with the ministry of foreign affairs and it takes 7-10 working days to get your visa approval letter. Then you can take the letter to any preferred Iranian consular department around you to collect your visa.

Keep in mind that you should deliver the below mentioned documents to your visa collection point to get your visa.


  • Passport (must have more than 6 months of validity left)
  • Application form
  • 2-4 visa/passport size photos
  • Proof of medical travel insurance (including evacuation and repatriation coverage)
  • MFA Authorization Number
  • Visa fee


Notice that the Visa Fee is something governmental and has nothing to do with the travel agency. The fee is not something equal for the whole nationalities, it varies from one nationality to another.


Even you are travelling as an American, British or Canadian, there is no need to worry about your visa issuance. You only need to provide a little more documents and you should be travelling to Iran in a private or group tour accompanied by a Tour guide.

In addition to the documents which are usually asked for, you should also send us your Educational and Work CV and Background so we can send them to the Ministry of Foreign affair.


Except the passport holders of USA, UK, Canada, Colombia, Somalia, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India; the other nationalities are also able to get their visa upon arrival at the airport.


You can get your visa upon arrival at any of the below mentioned international Iranian airports.



  • IKA:Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport
  • THR:Mehrabad International Airport
  • MHD:Mashhad International Airport
  • SYZ:Shiraz International Airport
  • TBZ:Tabriz International Airport
  • ISF:Isfahan International Airport
  • BND: Bandare Abbas Port.
  • Shahid Bahonar Harbor, Bandare Abbas
  • KIH: Kish international Airport


In case you have decided to get your visa upon arrival, you will need the below mentioned documents with you:


  • Your confirmed return ticket
  • Your passport with at least 6 months of validity
  • A passport size photo
  • Visa fee, which should be paid to the Iran Visa & Passport Office at the airport which is different depending your nationality.
  • Official Letter of invitation or valid hotel reservation voucher for your whole stay in Iran
  • A valid travel insurance for Iran.


Although the airport visa seems a simple method to obtain Iran Tourist Visa, it has some tips as following mentioned:


  • If you have been rejected for an Iran visa previously, then you won’t be able to get an upon arrival visa.
  • If you are travelling as a Journalist or reporter on mission, you can’t get Iran visa upon arrival.
  • You can only get an upon arrival visa in case of travelling for tourism purposes with your ordinary passport. In case of holding a Diplomatic passport, official passports, etc. you are not able to have the visa upon arrival and you need to get it in advanced.
  • The fact of having a 5% rejection risk is undeniable, so we always recommend to get your visa in advance.

Another reason for suggesting you to get your visa in advance, is the probable lines you need to stand in to get your visa and the time you lose at the airport while being tired of a flight.