Day 1: Arrival-Tehran-Qeshm

Arrival in TEHRAN. Visiting Archeological Section of National Museum showcasing ancient history and civilization of Iran. The Abgine Museum or Glass & Ceramics Museum is the second place to see. Here we have a time travel experience with plates and dishes from different periods of time.     

Day 2: Qeshm

In the morning, we fly to Persian Gulf and its only geo-park, QESHM ISLAND. After hotel check-in we stroll along the Coast and then we visit the city of Qesham and its bazaars.

Day 3: Qeshm

In the morning we visit Dokouhak Lagoon, our first bird watching site. This large lagoon is a magnet for migratory birds such as Sandpipers, Heron, Larus, Flamingo and so on. Hara Forests with its numerous water channels are the second place: The area is a major habitat for migratory birds in the cold seasons, and for reptiles, fish, and varieties of arthropoda and bivalves. Green (or hooked) turtles and venomous aquatic snakes are also indigenous to the forests. Bird life includes herons, flamingos, pelicans, and angler eagles.  Boating in Soheil Pier is our last activity for today.

Day 4: Qeshm-Hengam

In the morning we visit Naqqashe Coast and nearby village. After enjoying the beautiful coast, we get on board and sail towards HENGAM ISLAND, 3 km south of Qeshm Island. In Hengam Island, besides some historical shipwrecks, we will see aquatic animals such as turtles, dolphins and corals. Then, we return to Qeshm to go shopping and choose local handicrafts.

Day 5: Qeshm-Bandar Abbas

In the morning we leave Qeshm and sail to Bandarabbas, a port in Persian Gulf and the capital city of Hormozgan. After checking in the hotel and having lunch in a local restaurant we visit Geno Protected Area with unique climatic and biosphere conditions and its peculiar flora and fauna. 

Day 6: Bandar Abbas

In the morning we drive to JASK Port. From here, Iranians control the very important Strait of Hormoz. En route to the port we visit the MINAB Orchards and its birds!

Day 7: Bandar Abbas-Tehran

Fly to Tehran. After some rest we visit Milad Tower, the sixth tallest telecommunications tower in the world. From above the tower we can see the whole Tehran under our feet. Then, we go to Tochal, a mountainous area, called the roof of Tehran. Here, we can have a pleasant walk with the local people and enjoy the fresh air and relaxed nightlife!

Day 8: Tehran-Behshahr

We take the Haraz Road to get to the Northern Iran. This region is divided into three provinces located on the southern bank of Caspian see. The dense forests, high mountains of Alborz Range along with Caspian Coast have made this region the main retreat and destination for Holidaymakers from Tehran. On our way, we not only visit the Lar National Park on the foot of Mount Damavand (the highest mountain in Iran, 5610m) but also we pass through the towns of AMOL and QAEMSHAHR to reach BEHSHAHR.

Day 9: Behshahr-Gorgan

In the morning we drive to MIANKALEH and visit its swamp. Miankaleh peninsula is one of the richest ecological havens in West Asia and the world. It is home to many unique Caspian birds and reptile species. It is a refuge for migratory birds. Flamingo, Black Francolin, Falcon, Peregrine Falcon and Little Bustard are among the birds we can find in Miankale biosphere reserve. After having lunch in a local restaurant we drive to GORGAN.

Day 10: Gorgan

In the morning we drive to the Bandar-e Torkman (Torkamn Port) and then Gomishan Swamp. A large amount of caviar in Iran is extracted in Bandar-e Torkman. Furthermore, it is one of centers for producing cotton in Iran. There, we visit Turkmen carpets and carpet weaving. Then, we drive to Gomishan Swamp to watch its amazing birds. After some birdwatching we drive back to Gorgan.

Day 11: Gorgan

From Gorgan we drive to GONBAD-E QABUS which is home to Qabus Tower, a word heritage site. On our way we see AQ-QALA Town, Incheh Lake and Almagul Lagoon to experience the North Eastern topography of Iran and its native fauna particularly birds such as Egretta, coot, Eurasian teal, Northern lapwing, Cormorants.

Day 12: Gorgan-Shahroud

In the morning we leave Gorgan for Shahroud. On the way we visit Jelin and Shahvar Plain and their Forests where we face less dense forests with different vegetation from the northern parts

Day 13: Shahroud

Morning drive to Tandooreh National Park which is highly important reserve in terms of biodiversity and wildlife.

Day 14: Shahroud-Tehran

Morning drive to SEMNAN and GARMSAR and a visit to Kavir National Park, a vast desert with unique geo-sites. Lunch en route. Drive on to Tehran

Day 14: Tehran

Today we visit some highlights of Tehran. Tehran Grand bazaar with its crowd and numerous shops dating back to 19th century is a must-see. Golestan Palace, a world heritage site, in downtown is the next stop. Saadabad palace complex in the northern part of city, a combination of nature and culture with 110 hectares is the last sight to see today.

Day 15: flight Back Home

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